Thursday, April 14, 2011

Origins of the Races (Part 3/3)

  • The Orcs were originally inhabitants of Draenor.  They lived peacefully with the Draenei until the Burning Legion tricked them into joining their ranks.  They became bloodthirsty, killed Draenei, and invaded Azeroth.  Soon, however, the Blood Craze was lifted.

  • The Trolls were once ritualistic savages that roamed the single continent of Azeroth.  After the Well of Eternity collapsed, the Gurubashi tribe settled in Stranglethorn Vale.  After civil war, the Darkspear tribe left for nearby islands.  Thrall saved them from deadly Murlocs.

  • Almost no written record exists of Tauren history.  However, we do know that their race is as old as the Night Elves, so they were presumably one of the original creations of the Titans.  The Bloodhoof Tribe settled in Mulgore with the help of Thrall.

  • The Undead were created when the Burning Legion set the Plague of Undeath onto human cities.  When the Lich King, Ner'Zhul, began to lose power, some were freed from the mind control.  Lead by Sylvanas, they rebelled and called themselves the Forsaken.
Thanks for reading.  I think it's always good to know the basics of the lore.  Below is a neat chart detailing the origins.  Stay tuned for Illidan's story next Monday!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Origins of the Races (Part 2/3)

  • Worgen were initially Night Elves transformed after tampering with primal magic.  First banished by Malfurion, then let loose by Dalaran Magi.  Recently, the Worgen Curse spread into Gilneas, transforming Humans into Worgen.  A partial cure allowed them to retain their sanity.
  • Draenei, or Eredar, come from the world Argus.  When Sargeras came to corrupt them, those who followed the Prophet Velen, and the Naaru, refused to join his ranks.  They used a giant diamond for interdimensional travel, ending up in The Outlands.
  • The exact origin of the Goblins is unknown; however we do know they are an ancient race.  Originally dumber than trolls, they were forced to mine Kaja’mite.  However, Goblins soon realized it had a power unapparent to Trolls, and after experimenting with it, the mineral caused the Goblins to greatly increase in intelligence.
Blood Elves
  • After the Well of Eternity collapsed, the Highborne were banished by the Night Elves.  They settled on Quel’Thalas, took on a diurnal cycle, and called themselves High Elves.  After Arthas ravaged through Quel’Thalas, the survivors renamed themselves Blood Elves in remembrance.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Origins of the Races (Part 1/3)

A lot of Warcraft fans know a lot more about the Heroes and Villains of the lore than even the character they’re playing.  They know the story behind Thrall, and behind Arthas, but what about where their race came from?  Lets find out.

  • You know those Vrykul in Northrend?  The big Norse-lookin’ guys… They are what all of the humans of Azeroth descended from.  After the gods apparently abandoned the Vrykul, they started having weak, puny, and pink offspring, these were the Humans.  They were ordered to be killed, but caring parents sent theirs away to present day Eastern Kingdoms.

  • When the Titans came to Azeroth, they created creatures similar to Dwarves that were made out of stone.  They were afflicted by the Curse of Flesh when the Old Gods sought to control the world, and were turned into the more vulnerable Dwarves we have today.

Night Elves
  • Elves come from a race, presumably created by the Goddess Elune, of feral, nomadic, nocturnal humanoids called the Kaldorei.  They were inhabitants of single-continent Azeroth, and settled near the Well of Eternity.  It is theorized by some that the origin of Elves and Trolls is intertwined.

  • Similar to Dwarves, Gnomes come from Mechagnomes, robotic-looking gnomes made by the Titans to be servants and caretakers. Like the Dwarves, they were afflicted with the Curse of Flesh, and were transformed into normal Gnomes.  

Thanks for reading.  Part Two coming Monday!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Varian Wrynn, King of Stormwind. (Part 3/3)

  • After defeating Onyxia, Varian took back his spot as King of Stormwind.
  • Jaina tried to make peace between Varian and Thrall, but Garrosh (Thrall’s officer at the time) and Varian did not get along.
  • Varian oversaw the building of the Stormwind Harbor, and also permitted Death Knights of the Ebon Blade into the Alliance to fight against the scourge.
  • After hearing of Bolvar’s death, Varian set out to capture the Undercity, formerly Lordaeron, which was now in control of the Royal Apothecary Society (the undead that bombed the Wrathgate with the New Plague).
  • Varian confronts Thrall and declares that peace can never be achieved.  Thrall and Varian duel until Jaina teleports Varian, her, and his army back to Stormwind.
  • When Rhonin and Jaina Proudmoore try to get Varian to team up with the Horde to kill Yogg-Saron (the death god), Varian completely refuses.
  • Varian led an army in the Emerald Nightmare with the help of Malfurion, and also led SI: 7 into Ironforge to rid the city of traitors.

And that’s it.  Varian’s a pretty cool character in the Warcraft Universe.  He’s written really well, he doesn’t just hate the horde for no reason.  He has a deep back-story that keeps the tension between the Alliance and Horde alive.  Next post coming Thursday!