Monday, November 29, 2010

Thrall, Lord of the Clans (Part 3/4)

  • On the way to Kalimdor, Thrall and the Horde (just Orcs for now), stopped on an island to fix the ships. 
  • They saved the Darkspear trolls from mulocs, and brought them to Kalimdor, adding them to the Horde.
  • On the way to Kalimdor, the boats got scattered in a storm, and the Horde landed on different areas.  
  • Thrall and his men saved the Tauren from centaurs, and Cairne Bloodhoof and Thrall became allies.  The Tauren joined the Horde.
Cairne Bloodhoof

  • Cairne told Thrall that he would tell him the location of the Oracle, who would help them find their way in this land, in return for escorting the Tauren caravan to Mulgore.  Thrall agreed.
  • On Thrall’s way to the Oracle in Stonetalon Peak, he saw Grom Hellscream and his clan fighting humans under the command of Jaina Proudmoore. 
  • Thrall and his clan helped their brothers, but after the fight Thrall ordered Grom and the clan to stay back instead of fighting for no reason.
  • Thrall ventured to the Oracle, and saw that human’s were guarding the entrance up the mountain.
  • Thrall enlisted the help of the wyverns after freeing them, and was able to get past the humans.
  • Cairne and Thrall found the Oracle’s chamber, but Jaina Proudmoore was also there.  They were about to battle when Medivh, the prophet, appeared.
  • He told Thrall of Grom’s corruption by the Burning Legion, and that the Orcs and Humans have to join forces, or be destroyed.  They agreed.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thrall, Lord of the Clans (Part 2/4)

  • Orgrim named Thrall second-in-command of the Horde.  Their goal was to free all of the Orcs that the humans had imprisoned. 
  • For the first three encampments, Thrall pretended to be a slave, and rallied up the Orc prisoners to rebel and escape.  Then they started to catch on.
  • For the fourth camp, they had to use force, and Thrall’s new shamanistic powers.
  • At the fifth camp, they had Knights stationed there.  During the battle, Orgrim Doomhammer was killed.  While he was dying, he gave Thrall his hammer, and his armor, and appointed him Warchief of the Horde.

  • Thrall and his army attacked Durnholde Keep for the finishing blow.  He told his friend Taretha, (the one that helped him escape in the beginning), to leave the fortress before they attacked.   
  • Thrall, with his army behind him, confronted Blackmoore to prevent bloodshed.
  • Blackmoore was drunk, and went through a number of different emotions while talking to Thrall.  When asked to surrender of die, he responded by tossing the severed head of Taretha into the courtyard, screaming that this is what he does with traitors.
  • Thrall cried out in rage, and gave the order to attack.  During the battle, Thrall found Blackmoore, and tossed a sword to him.  They dueled, Thrall killed him.
Flight to Kalimdor
  • Medivh, the prophet, came to Thrall in a dream.  He told him to sail west with his Orcs, for the Burning Legion was coming. Thrall and the Horde left for Kalimdor.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thrall, Lord of the Clans (Part 1/4)

Though I know there are a lot of Thrall fan boys out there, a lot of people don't know just how rich his background really is.  He is one of my favorite characters, and is very fun to learn about.

Thrall's Youth

  • Thrall was found as a baby by Aedelas Blackmoore, a human commander who killed Thrall’s parents, and named him ‘Thrall’, which meant slave in Common.
  • Blackmoore raised him as a ferocious, but keen Gladiator in Durnholde Keep.
  • He was nursed by a human woman, and grew to befriend her daughter, Taretha.
  • Blackmoore's abusive beatings both in and out of the ring began to take its toll.
  • Taretha created a diversion inside the keep which allowed Thrall to escape.
  • After escaping, Thrall got caught by more humans, and shared a cell in a different camp with an Orc who told him about Grom Hellscream, leader of the Warsong clan.  When Thrall heard Blackmoore was looking for him, Thrall escaped again.
Thrall's Clan

  • Thrall found Grom Hellscream, and was told he was part of the Frostwolf clan.
  • Thrall went to the Alterac Mountains to find his clan.  There he met Drek’Thar, who told Thrall that he was the son of the deceased chieftain of the Frostwolves.
  • Drek’Thar brought Thrall to initiation, and he befriended the spirits of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.
  • Thrall took on his rightful role as Chieftain of the Frostwolf clan.
  • A stranger came to the village, and challenged the clan’s dignity.  Thrall dueled him, and won.  It was Orgrim Doomhammer, the Warchief of the Horde.
  • It was all a test to see if Thrall really was a great leader.  The only man to ever beat Orgrim in a fight before was Thrall’s father.
Drek'Thar, Thrall's mentor

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Religions in the Warcraft Universe

(Remember:  Not all of the members I list necessarily follow the religion, but a part of them.)  These are the tree major religions in the Warcraft Universe.

    • The Holy Light – The Holy Light is the most followed religion in Warcraft.  Followers do not worship any god; instead they seek perfection within themselves, and form a bond with the universe. 
     Classes:                       Members:                   Organizations:                              
    ~ Paladin                       ~ Humans                 ~ Church of the Holy Light
    ~ Priest                         ~ Dwarves                ~ The Argent Dawn
                                       ~ Forsaken               ~ The Scarlet Crusade
                                       ~ Draenei                 ~ The Silver Hand
                                       ~ Blood Elves             ~ Sha’tar, Aldor, Scryers

      • Shamanism – Shaman draw on the their ancestors and elemental forces.  Tauren concentrate on ancestry, Orcs on the raw elements, and Trolls on voodoo, and primal instinct. 
       Classes:                       Members:                   Organizations:

      ~ Shaman                       ~ Orcs                         ~ The Earthen Ring
                                ~ Trolls                        ~ The Mag’har
                                ~ Tauren                      ~ The Kurenai
                                ~ Draenei

      • Druidism – Druids respect each spirit.  They worship the Moon Goddess Elune (Mu’sha for the Taurens), and work together with the spirits around them, including the forests.  
      Classes:                       Members:                   Organizations:
      ~ Druid                       ~ Night Elves            ~ The Cenarion Circle
                             ~ Tauren                 ~ The Cenarion Expedition
                                                       ~ Sisters of Elune (Worship Elune)
                                                          ~ The Sentinels (Worship Elune)

      Tuesday, November 9, 2010

      Magus Medivh, The Last Guardian

      • Medivh’s mother, Aegwynn, served as the Guardian of Tirisfal before him.
      • Aegwynn fought and killed Sargeres, but Sargeres transferred his spirit into Aegwynn’s body.  Medivh was born with the spirit of Sargeres inside him.
      • On his 14th birthday, he awoke after having nightmares.  He ran to his father’s room for help, and the power inside of him was unleashed, killing his father.
      • For the next twenty years, Medivh was in a coma caused by Sargeres.
      • He awoke from the coma, and was being controlled by Sargeres.  Power hungry, he secretly opened the dark portal, letting the orcs into Azeroth from Draenor.
      • Both his mother and one of the blue dragonflight tried to stop him.  He beat both of them.
      • He lived in Karazhan, and was sent an apprentice named Khadgar, who soon realized that Medivh was evil, and that he had let the orcs into Azeroth.
      • Khadgar told King Wrynn I (father of the current king) about Medivh’s corruption.
      • Khadgar, his apprentice, Lothar, his best friend, and Garona, Medivh’s ex-lover, teamed up to kill him.
      • Khadgar stuck a blade through his chest, and Lothar decapitated him, ending Medivh, and Sargeres together.
      • Medivh’s spirit managed to escape, and with the last of his mother’s magic, she gave his spirit a form.  He also had the ability to turn into a crow.
      • Medivh visited Thrall, and Jaina Proudmoore individually, and told them to take their people west to Kalimdor, to escape the Burning Legion.  They both did it.

      • When Archimonde, Sargeres’ right-hand man, planned to destroy the World Tree, Medivh told Thrall, Jaina, and Malfurion Stormrage, to rally up and defeat the demon.
      • Confident that the world was safe, and knowing that he had helped the world after doing so much harm, he left Azeroth to join “the legends of the past”.