Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thrall, Lord of the Clans (Part 4/4)

Lifting of the Blood Curse
  • Thrall returned to The Barrens to defeat Grom and the corrupted Warsong clan.
  • After fighting his way through demons and blood-crazy Orcs, Thrall found Grom.
  • Grom taunted Thrall, and told him it was his choice to drink the demon’s blood.
  • Thrall captured Grom’s spirit in a soul gem, and later purged him from the evil.
  • Thrall and Grom set out to kill Mannoroth, a lieutenant for the Burning Legion.

Battle of Mount Hyjal
  • Thrall and Jaina went into Ashenvale, but were met by Night Elves, Demons, Undead, Orcs, and Humans.  They all battled each other for survival.
  • Thrall had a vision to meet up with Jaina at the base of Mount Hyjal.
  • Medivh told all of them to team up against Archimonde and his forces.
  • Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, Goblins, Night Elves, and Humans all teamed up.
  • Archimonde was defeated and the Burning Legion was destroyed.

Founding of Orgrimmar
  • Thrall and his Orcs traveled to Durotar, named after Thrall’s father.
  • Thrall named the capital city Orgrimmar, named after the former Warchief.


  1. i remember seeing that vid of Thrall and Grom fighting when I played WCIII

  2. Huh.
    Who was the druid in the 3rd video that summoned the whisps?
    The horns make me assume it's Malfurion, but wasn't he captured in the Nightmare at this point?

  3. @izziebytes

    Malfurion was captured in the Nightmare Realm version of the Emerald Dream after this happened.

    It happens after the whole to-do with Maiev chasing after Illidan. (WC3)

  4. holy shit these vids are good graphics :O
    where do these show up? played thru wc3 all the way and i didnt see any of these...

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