Monday, November 29, 2010

Thrall, Lord of the Clans (Part 3/4)

  • On the way to Kalimdor, Thrall and the Horde (just Orcs for now), stopped on an island to fix the ships. 
  • They saved the Darkspear trolls from mulocs, and brought them to Kalimdor, adding them to the Horde.
  • On the way to Kalimdor, the boats got scattered in a storm, and the Horde landed on different areas.  
  • Thrall and his men saved the Tauren from centaurs, and Cairne Bloodhoof and Thrall became allies.  The Tauren joined the Horde.
Cairne Bloodhoof

  • Cairne told Thrall that he would tell him the location of the Oracle, who would help them find their way in this land, in return for escorting the Tauren caravan to Mulgore.  Thrall agreed.
  • On Thrall’s way to the Oracle in Stonetalon Peak, he saw Grom Hellscream and his clan fighting humans under the command of Jaina Proudmoore. 
  • Thrall and his clan helped their brothers, but after the fight Thrall ordered Grom and the clan to stay back instead of fighting for no reason.
  • Thrall ventured to the Oracle, and saw that human’s were guarding the entrance up the mountain.
  • Thrall enlisted the help of the wyverns after freeing them, and was able to get past the humans.
  • Cairne and Thrall found the Oracle’s chamber, but Jaina Proudmoore was also there.  They were about to battle when Medivh, the prophet, appeared.
  • He told Thrall of Grom’s corruption by the Burning Legion, and that the Orcs and Humans have to join forces, or be destroyed.  They agreed.