Monday, October 18, 2010

Bolvar Fordragon - Rise of the new Lich King

With the release of the Cataclysm trailer yesterday (that you can check out here), I thought I would do another post regarding the upcoming expansion.  Though not as beautifully written as Arthas, Bolvar Fordragon has come to be a major factor in the Warcraft universe.  Let’s check out his backstory!

  • Little is known about Bolvar’s early years besides the fact that he was a renowned human warrior.
  • When Varian Wrynn, current King of Stormwind, went missing, he stepped up to look over the city.  (This was in Vanilla & BC.)
  • When the King returned, Bolvar was named commander of the Alliance forces, and led his troops against the scourge in Northrend.

  • Here’s the part that most lot of people don’t know about.
  • At the end of the Wrathgate cinematic, it looks like Bolvar died, but he didn’t. 
  • Both Saurfang and Bolvar’s bodies are recovered by the Scourge.
  • Arthas, the Lich King at the time, tortured Bolvar Fordragon mercilessly, with the intent to corrupt him.  However, Bolvar managed to resist.
  • When Arthas Menethil was killed, Tirion Fordring was told that someone had to control the scourge.  He was about to take up the job when Bolvar called to him.
  • Bolvar told Tirion to give him the Helm of Domination (The spiky crown), to keep the scourge under control as his last act for Azeroth.
  • Bolvar told Tirion that no one could know what had happened that day, to tell the people that the Lich King was dead, but Bolvar Fordragon died with him.
  • And now, encased on the icy throne, is the new Lich King, Bolvar, the ‘Jailer of the Damned’.

So… what do you guys think?  Will he control the scourge, and keep his own people safe.  Or will he get power-hungry, like most people in his position do, and set the scourge after the innocent. 

Is Bolvar much different from Arthas?  Both had good intentions.  Both made sacrifices.  But will Bolvar fall to corruption, just as Arthas did?  Guess we’ll find out in Cataclysm.


  1. WoW is one of the greatest game ever..

  2. Considering that the Western Plague lands will be freed of the scourge come Cataclysm it seems that, at least for now, Bolvar is holding true to his commitment to try and control the scourge.

  3. im curious how they are going to continue the story from here. itll be interesting thats for sure

  4. It has much potential for further story development. He has an army, who knows what he'll do with it. I wouldn't compare him to Arthas, though. Arthas was insane.

  5. hahaha I like the trailer, and the character is epic!

  6. looking forward to cataclysm :)

  7. that cinematic is great!
    I dont like however, that suddenly sylvanas is male :(

  8. @Barnacle

    That wasn't Sylvanas, that was Grand Apothecary Putress, one of Sylvanas' right hand men.

  9. Have you seen the Cata intro? Blows wrathgate and all the other cinematics out of the water!

  10. Oh c'mon, Arthass is da best.
    This post reminds me when I was young playin' Warcraft III.

  11. Used to love this game, so tempting to go back..must...resist ! D:

  12. lol your blog beats mine by alot :D good job man

  13. Great post! Supporting you! ;)

  14. It'll be cool to hear more of his story.