Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Magus Medivh, The Last Guardian

  • Medivh’s mother, Aegwynn, served as the Guardian of Tirisfal before him.
  • Aegwynn fought and killed Sargeres, but Sargeres transferred his spirit into Aegwynn’s body.  Medivh was born with the spirit of Sargeres inside him.
  • On his 14th birthday, he awoke after having nightmares.  He ran to his father’s room for help, and the power inside of him was unleashed, killing his father.
  • For the next twenty years, Medivh was in a coma caused by Sargeres.
  • He awoke from the coma, and was being controlled by Sargeres.  Power hungry, he secretly opened the dark portal, letting the orcs into Azeroth from Draenor.
  • Both his mother and one of the blue dragonflight tried to stop him.  He beat both of them.
  • He lived in Karazhan, and was sent an apprentice named Khadgar, who soon realized that Medivh was evil, and that he had let the orcs into Azeroth.
  • Khadgar told King Wrynn I (father of the current king) about Medivh’s corruption.
  • Khadgar, his apprentice, Lothar, his best friend, and Garona, Medivh’s ex-lover, teamed up to kill him.
  • Khadgar stuck a blade through his chest, and Lothar decapitated him, ending Medivh, and Sargeres together.
  • Medivh’s spirit managed to escape, and with the last of his mother’s magic, she gave his spirit a form.  He also had the ability to turn into a crow.
  • Medivh visited Thrall, and Jaina Proudmoore individually, and told them to take their people west to Kalimdor, to escape the Burning Legion.  They both did it.

  • When Archimonde, Sargeres’ right-hand man, planned to destroy the World Tree, Medivh told Thrall, Jaina, and Malfurion Stormrage, to rally up and defeat the demon.
  • Confident that the world was safe, and knowing that he had helped the world after doing so much harm, he left Azeroth to join “the legends of the past”.


  1. My lord, is the lore collection yours? I mean, are those your words describing the conciseness of the timeline? If so, good job.

  2. @Rorschach Redemption

    Thought I know most of the lore, sometimes I need to check Wowwiki to confirm things.

  3. this is so awesome. I've never seen anyone CONDENSE lore as well as this, which is exactly how i like to learn about it!