Thursday, November 11, 2010

Religions in the Warcraft Universe

(Remember:  Not all of the members I list necessarily follow the religion, but a part of them.)  These are the tree major religions in the Warcraft Universe.

    • The Holy Light – The Holy Light is the most followed religion in Warcraft.  Followers do not worship any god; instead they seek perfection within themselves, and form a bond with the universe. 
     Classes:                       Members:                   Organizations:                              
    ~ Paladin                       ~ Humans                 ~ Church of the Holy Light
    ~ Priest                         ~ Dwarves                ~ The Argent Dawn
                                       ~ Forsaken               ~ The Scarlet Crusade
                                       ~ Draenei                 ~ The Silver Hand
                                       ~ Blood Elves             ~ Sha’tar, Aldor, Scryers

      • Shamanism – Shaman draw on the their ancestors and elemental forces.  Tauren concentrate on ancestry, Orcs on the raw elements, and Trolls on voodoo, and primal instinct. 
       Classes:                       Members:                   Organizations:

      ~ Shaman                       ~ Orcs                         ~ The Earthen Ring
                                ~ Trolls                        ~ The Mag’har
                                ~ Tauren                      ~ The Kurenai
                                ~ Draenei

      • Druidism – Druids respect each spirit.  They worship the Moon Goddess Elune (Mu’sha for the Taurens), and work together with the spirits around them, including the forests.  
      Classes:                       Members:                   Organizations:
      ~ Druid                       ~ Night Elves            ~ The Cenarion Circle
                             ~ Tauren                 ~ The Cenarion Expedition
                                                       ~ Sisters of Elune (Worship Elune)
                                                          ~ The Sentinels (Worship Elune)


      1. what do death knights worship?

      2. @Paul

        Death Knights, along with The Scourge, other undead, and living followers of the undead, all have faith in Shadow and Necromancy. Though they practice this for their own self-benefit, the closest thing they have to a god is The Lich King.

      3. Lol@Drakar

        Warcraft = rich but somewhat generic lore.

      4. @ David Davidson

        Actually, Mages are the closest thing to Atheists. They hold faith in the practice of Arcanum, or Arcane magic. They don't draw their power from any deities, or have a boss, like the DK's, for example. They merely practice magic for their own benefit.

        Warriors and Rogues are also Atheists. But they aren't as bound to it as Mages.

      5. You forgot about the Wildhammer clan, that one being a shamanistic dwarf clan.