Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thrall, Lord of the Clans (Part 2/4)

  • Orgrim named Thrall second-in-command of the Horde.  Their goal was to free all of the Orcs that the humans had imprisoned. 
  • For the first three encampments, Thrall pretended to be a slave, and rallied up the Orc prisoners to rebel and escape.  Then they started to catch on.
  • For the fourth camp, they had to use force, and Thrall’s new shamanistic powers.
  • At the fifth camp, they had Knights stationed there.  During the battle, Orgrim Doomhammer was killed.  While he was dying, he gave Thrall his hammer, and his armor, and appointed him Warchief of the Horde.

  • Thrall and his army attacked Durnholde Keep for the finishing blow.  He told his friend Taretha, (the one that helped him escape in the beginning), to leave the fortress before they attacked.   
  • Thrall, with his army behind him, confronted Blackmoore to prevent bloodshed.
  • Blackmoore was drunk, and went through a number of different emotions while talking to Thrall.  When asked to surrender of die, he responded by tossing the severed head of Taretha into the courtyard, screaming that this is what he does with traitors.
  • Thrall cried out in rage, and gave the order to attack.  During the battle, Thrall found Blackmoore, and tossed a sword to him.  They dueled, Thrall killed him.
Flight to Kalimdor
  • Medivh, the prophet, came to Thrall in a dream.  He told him to sail west with his Orcs, for the Burning Legion was coming. Thrall and the Horde left for Kalimdor.


  1. Thrall is so amazing. My fav Warcraft character.

  2. You're not the Red Shirt guy, are you? :D

  3. In Antiochus and his daughter you have heard Following!

  4. Huh, that's quite the background story there.

  5. In Pericles, his queen and daughter, seen, Following!

  6. In Pericles, his queen and daughter, seen, Following!